Sky Tech Summit 2018 was a one-day, invite-only event for 400 guests that took place at Sky’s west London campus on 11 September. Seventy speakers spoke across 20 sessions, a blend of keynotes, panels, workshops and masterclasses.

Didier Lebrat, Group Chief Technology Officer at Sky, said: “Sky Tech Summit 2018 was an opportunity for us to engage with a broad ecosystem of technology and content partners.

“We covered a lot of ground – from protecting the enterprise from cyber-attacks to the myriad ways the customer experience is being enhanced and enriched by innovation. We met the founders of new start-ups, fascinating people with a passion and determination to change the world. We heard from the established players, the tech giants that continue to evolve their products, allowing us to scale new heights.

“And we heard from content creators, from broadcasters, from investors. From those at the top of their businesses to those starting out in their careers – the women now working as developers at Sky who came via our Get into Tech scheme, and our very first Women in Technology Scholars.

“Our workshops and masterclasses were brimming with new ideas, new approaches, new findings. Our keynotes featured contributions from world-class speakers. They shared their insights, their predictions, their visions.

“I would like to thank all of our speakers: our content and technology partners, the industry groups and industry leaders, the start-ups, the investors, as well as our own exceptional staff who spoke in sessions and worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make the day happen.”

Sky Tech Summit 2018 was produced by Graham Lovelace. Daniella Dean was Project Manager. The live event was directed by Mike Allen.