By Jason Landau, Sky Creative Agency Design Director

Last year we were challenged to make our Premier League OB studio bigger and better than it’s ever been before and create a stunning environment worthy of our premium product.

Our OB sets have always been at the mercy of the space provided by each club. In a bid to improve our output both aesthetically, editorially and analytically we proposed a brave new approach, an augmented reality (AR) set on location – something no one until now had achieved.

To deliver this, we built a green screen studio with a real window which is our view, leaving only the floor, desk, chairs and people as real.

The technology behind the output comes from several companies including Stype (camera tracking), the Ultimatte keyer, Vizrt and the Unreal gaming engine. By utilising these we were able to achieve the impression of a much more spacious studio. This includes presentation screens allowing scope for more editorial such as interviews, match graphics, live VT feeds and analysis. Getting this working as part of the OB infrastructure required close and effective collaboration across the business.

Take a look for yourself at Sky Tech Summit – we’ll have one of our new OB trucks on show so you can experience the new portable studio