Matt Eaton

General Manager, EMEA, GrayMeta

Matt Eaton has worked in the broadcast industry for the past 20 years as a management consultant, an operational leader, and a technical advisor across the content supply chain.

At GrayMeta Matt helps media companies make the most of their content by leveraging cognitive services, machine learning and AI. Previously he held leadership positions at Cognizant and Virgin Media.

Matt was the overall project manager for the Sky News Royal Wedding Who’s Who app.  He brings a pragmatic approach to designing and rolling out digital solutions for broadcasters based on an engineer’s understanding of the possible combined with an appreciation of the commercial imperative.

In the past five years Matt has worked with clients to create strategic plans for IP operations and playout, to make right technology decisions for managing content, and to improve operational efficiency through process redesign. Matt holds an international Executive MBA from Ashridge Business School.