Nigel Walley

CEO, Decipher

Nigel is CEO of Decipher, the media strategy consultancy. Decipher works with large advertisers and media companies to understand the commercial implications of new consumer technologies.

Nigel is a marketer at heart, but with an intuitive sense of the potential of digital technologies. His particular focus is the evolution of commercial advertising models in media markets affected by the advent of new consumer technology.

Founded in 1998, Decipher has worked on interactive media and technology projects for a wide range of clients including Warner, Virgin Media, ITV, the BBC, Sky, UKTV, Channel 4, Sony, Thinkbox and the UK Government. Decipher has pioneered research into the impact of convergent media, PVRs, VOD and connected devices on TV advertising markets.

Previously Marketing Director of the Internet Division of NTL, Nigel holds an MBA from Cornell University in the USA. He is widely published in trade and national press and has appeared in numerous radio and TV interviews.